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Zapata Peninsula Diving

Where is it? The Zapata Peninsula (a.k.a Bay of Pigs) is on Cuba’s south shore, about a 2 hour drive from Varadero.

Getting there: Land transfers available from Havana or Varadero.

Accommodations: Playa Larga, Playa Giron

The Scuba Diving: Three international dive centers in Playa Larga, Playa Giron, Caleta Buena feature mainly shelf diving in addition to peculiar deep caves in the area which are found at the Fish Cave. Punta Perdiz features attractive coral formations and shipwrecks accessed via tunnels.

Caleta Buena features large colonies of varied coral, and black coral is abundant. A variety of sponges in yellow or bright orange, with barrel, tubular or basket shapes. Diverse marine flora, large sea fans and abundant tropical fish can be viewed. Caleta Buena’s wrecks and cave diving in sinkholes/40-meter vertical flooded caves make it unique.

Punta Perdiz is about ½ way between Playa Larga & Playa Giron and 100m from the Punta Perdiz restaurant. It consists of tunnels and walls that descend in steps. It has an extensive sandy bottom filled with small coral formations that can be seen at a depth of 2 meters and extend to the edge of the slope. Different species of coral abound as well as sea fans, sponges, large fish and schools of colorful tropical fish. Along the north side of the coral ridge at a depth of 6 meters there’s a small wreck which is often explored via its small engine room.

Playa Larga & Playa Giron: Open water diving in sinkholes and brackish water-flooded cave system linked to the Zapata Swamp, and multilevel diving make diving in this area unique. Dives are made directly from the coast. You can expect to see elkhorn/brain/leaf/star coral, sea fans, starfish, columns, bridal bouquets and tube sponges and multiple schools of multicolored fish and crabs. Attached to the wall you’ll discover sponges, gorgonians and large coral formations

Zapata Peninsula Diving – Prices in USD per dive

Valid to: 31/10/19

Dive Center Daytime dive
Punta Perdiz, Playa Larga, Caleta Buena, Cueva de  los Peces 27.95

Dive Reservations/Minimum Booking Requirements:

No Fee: For WoWCuba clients booking hotel, car rental reservations or tour packages. No minimum dive requirement.

Agency Service Fee applies: For dive only packages (minimum 10 dives/diver).

Included: bcd/regulator, wetsuit, mask/fins, weights, tanks, boat (in Caleta Buena only), dive guide, transfer Zapata Peninsula hotels-dive center (RT).

Excludes: add’l equipment rental, gratuities.

Requires: presentation of international dive certification and foreign passport. Cuban nationals require previous National Coast Guard authorization to board dive vessels.

Note 1: up to 2 daily dives available in this destination, specific locations pending weather conditions.

Note 2: If your dive destination involves domestic flight services, WoWCuba suggests keeping in mind that domestic flight schedules in Cuba are irregular and subject to last minute changes. It’s recommended not to fly within 24 hours of your last dive so avoiding planning/programming any diving on your last day in the destination is prudent.

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Advance reservations of fewer than 5 dives/diver only available with WoWCuba when booked in conjunction with WoWCuba's minimum booking requirement (1 hotel night, 3 car rental days, or other multi-day WoWCuba tour package). View booking Terms & Conditions.