WowCuba connects adventurous travelers with real Cubans and their projects in fun and active ways, facilitating deeper understanding of the nation, its culture, achievements and challenges, while respecting its biodiversity and protected areas, creating sustainable and meaningful economic opportunities for Cuban people.


Actively and safely explore Cuba’s cultural and natural environments, infuse local communities with prosperity, and inspire travelers with insightful, meaningful experiences.

Active and inspirational travel planners

Count on us to be:


While pioneers pay, they also experience places and people in a way those who follow never will. The more unique and off-the-beaten-path for us and our guests, the better. After all, noone really travels to discover things just as they were at home.


WowCuba’s proud to be a small family-operated company. We’re down to earth, treat our participants like family and always have their back. We love what we do and we think you’ll agree our hospitality is hard to beat. Our secret to success isn’t high tech; when travelers are satisfied, they recommend us to their friends & family and often return for another round themselves.


Environmental sustainability’s at the heart of our company and family values. We grew up with a windmill on a self-sufficient rural homestead in the 1970’s and our head office in PEI is certified sustainable. Cuba’s leading role as the world’s only sustainable nation has only reinforced our commitment to that path, and we’re thrilled to share some of Cuba’s considerable achievements in that sphere.


WowCuba’s in this for the long haul. We’re an an established tour operator with a long history of satisfied customers and suppliers, not a startup still working out the bugs. Customer feedback is always carefully considered, so we can continue to offer the most extraordinary and seamless travel experience at the best possible price.


Cuba’s not a shiny new destination in a dossier of travel destinations for us. Living, working and supporting the nation for more than a ¼ century, we’ve married Cubans, raised families and built homes here. We count on an extensive list of local contacts in a range of specialties to elevate all of our travel experiences way beyond the ordinary.