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Varadero Scuba Diving.

Dive in Varadero.

Varadero Diving Highlights.

Varadero, a great spot for diving.

Varadero it is the most famous beach in The Island of Cuba, with more than 20 kilometers of fine white sand, warm, clear waters, comfortable hotels and a captivating tropical environment. Dive in Varadero with the “Barracuda” Dive Center and you’ll be treated to a variety of flooded caves, gulf walls, sinkholes and lots of coral and coral fish. When weather is inclement on the north shore, the weekly dive schedule is adjusted and confirmed divers are transferred to the south shore for diving at no additional fee.

Dive in Varadero, Playa Coral.

Depth: 20meters. From the protected beach you can reach the Coral Reef coastline where there are over 30 species of corals, some developed to the surface and forming channels, passages or caves hiding a unique an interesting environment for your dive.

Dive in Varadero, Saturn Cave.

Depth: 20 meters. The Cueva de Saturno is a cavern flooded by fresh and sea water, with abundant secondary formations, stalactites and stalagmites. It has a free surface lake and two galleries where you can discover both fish and blind shrimp.

Dive in Las Mandarinas.

Depth: 15 meters. A Coral Reef with diverse and well-developed fauna, a variety of reef fish, moray eels (Gymnothorax sp.), grouper (Epinephelussp.) and large schools of grunt (Haemulon sp.) who will eat from divers’ hands.

Dive in Caribe.

Depth: 10 meters. Remains of an ancient German merchant ship sunk in 1943. At the site there are a big Coral Reef, angel fish (Pomacanthussp.), Barracudas (Sphyraenabarracuda), grouper (Epinephelussp.), Lobster (Panulirusargus) and green moray (Gymnothoraxfunebris) up to 2 meters long that peacefully feed from divers’ hands.

Dive in El Cenote.

Depth: 25 meters. A cenote is a limestone formation flooded by the sea. Here, they feature underground communication with a large lake at their input and deep lateral cracks (so far the cave has only been investigated to a depth of 70 meters). Reef fish species abound. The sinkholes are located in the Zapata swamp nature reserve, on the south side of Matanzas province.

Dive in Punta Perdiz.

Depth: 40 meters. Punta Perdiz is in the Bay of Pigs on the Caribbean, accessible from the coast, and recognized as one of the most spectacular wall dives in the area. Prevailing ecological conditions have allowed the coastline to develop an exhuberant underwater ecosystem and the edge of the wall, at just 10 meters, falls steeply to a 300-meter drop.

Varadero is a great year-round option for divers, come discover for yourself.