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Trinidad Diving

Where is it? Cuba’s most colonial city, Trinidad, is on Cuba’s south central shore about 80 km from the city of Cienfuegos.

Getting there: The Trinidad airport does not receive international flights, so many passengers fly through Cienfuegos or make a domestic connection through Havana or Varadero. Land transfers are available or you might consider a rental car to maximize your local exploration possibilities.

Accommodation: Ancon, Trinidad del Mar, Costa Sur.

The Scuba Diving: The area is especially characterized by high medians and narrow channels that form tunnels in some areas. Dive center is the Cayo Blanco International Dive Center located in the Marina on the Ancon Peninsula.

Trinidad Diving-Prices in USD

Valid to 30/04/2017

Dive 1 2* 2** 3 4 5
Prices 31 48 60 86 114 139
Dive 6 7 8 9 10 11
Prices 164 191 218 245 253 274
Dive 12 13 14 15 16 17
Prices 297 322 347 371 396 420
Dive 18 19 20
Prices 443 467 492

* Same departure

** Separate departures

Dive Reservations/Minimum Booking Requirements:

No Fee: For WoWCuba clients booking hotel, car rental reservations or tour packages. No minimum dive requirement.

Agency Service Fee applies: For dive only packages (minimum 10 dives/diver).

Included: Instructor, weights, tanks, BCD, wetsuit, mask/fins & boat

Not Included: Night diving equipment (available for rental locally)

Note: Divers must bring dive certification and foreign passport presentation is required for boarding boats

Dive Course in Trinidad

Valid to 30/04/2017

Dive levels
Prices in USD
Open water 328

Includes: International certification (ACUC, SSI), dive instructor, boat, dive equipment, dive kit with didactic and other materials, classroom sessions, pool session, 4 open water immersions.

Description of seabed

The dive zone has three characteristic areas of underwater structures. The first is a zone where the platform is narrow with well-defined terraces over sandy bottoms with coral medians that can reach up to 5 meters (16 feet), breaking in depths of up to 25-30 meters (82 – 98 feet) where the wall begins. The second is found in an area where the platform descends in steps and the third is composed of two sites which are found near Cayo Blanco. All area characterized by a bed of high medians and narrow channels that in some site close in their upper parts making real tunnels. The fauna is very typical, noted especially for the large sponges of multiple colors and shapes, more than 40 species of coral including walls with black coral forests. Bouquet and feather gorgonias and sea fans give an attractive characteristic to each dive.

Main Dive Sites (Depth in Meters / Feet)

1.- Sponge Paradise (8 wall / 26)

2.- Deep Tunnel (30/98)

3.- The Labyrinth (30/98)

4.- The Neptune Wall (30/98)

5.- Triton’s Path (10/33)

Technical Specifications

Name: Cayo Blanco International Dive Center

Dive Zone: Cayo Blanco de Casilda

Operator: Marlin, Marina Trinidad

Dive Sites: 21

Type of seabed: Coral reefs, sunken ships and walls

Capacity: 20 divers in 2 daily departures with 2 immersions available per departure

Course Certification School: ACUC

Boats: One 41-ft yacht

Nearest hyperbaric chamber: In Havana City by helicopter transfer

Facilities: Equipment rental available

Quantity of Dive Instructors: 4

Maximum level: Advanced

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