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Bicycle Tours of Cuba

Many companies publish only glowing comments about their services and tours. Although we have many of those we’ve collected over the years and could share with you, we’ve begun a new approach to handling customer feedback. In the interest of truly providing the best customer service we can, and being as honest as possible in giving our potential clients an insight into what goes right, and what can be improved on our tours, with the permission of our guests, we’ve begun publishing all our client feedback form, exactly as they’ve been submitted to us. As a result of these comments, we have eliminated certain hotels from our itineraries, modified activities, and changed some restaurants depending on what our customers feel about the services being provided at the establishments and their value to the overall tour itinerary.

We would like to thank all of our clients who have taken the time to submit their comments and impressions, and we hope to continue to develop and perfect this model which we feel is a valuable tool to both our organization and customers.

View our unedited client feedback from the 2015-16 cycle tour season below.