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Bicycle Tours of Cuba

Many companies publish only glowing comments about their services and tours. Although we have many of those we’ve collected over the years and could share with you, we’ve begun a new approach to handling customer feedback. In the interest of truly providing the best customer service we can, and being as honest as possible in giving our potential clients an insight into what goes right, and what can be improved on our tours, with the permission of our guests, we’ve begun publishing all our client feedback form, exactly as they’ve been submitted to us. As a result of these comments, we have eliminated certain hotels from our itineraries, modified activities, and changed some restaurants depending on what our customers feel about the services being provided at the establishments and their value to the overall tour itinerary.

We would like to thank all of our clients who have taken the time to submit their comments and impressions, and we hope to continue to develop and perfect this model which we feel is a valuable tool to both our organization and customers.

View our unedited client feedback from the 2015-16 cycle tour season below.


Western Cuba

WowCuba is the best organized and best run cycle tour company we have used. I've done 10 cycle trips through Europe and the WowCuba trip was better organized and nicer than any of them. The staff was exemplary. The bikes were top notch. The logistics, transfers, transport, and hotels were great. The food was wonderful. Overall a great trip with an outstanding organization.  Read more...

D. Kueter 2016-04-12 09:05:30
Western Cuba

Cuba will surprise you. Despite having every reason to dislike Americans, most all the Cuban people we met were warm, friendly and welcoming. It is a beautiful country that is filled with evidence of the resourcefulness and inventiveness of the Cuban people who have persevered and prospered despite many difficult challenges.  Read more...

A. Brooks-Kayal and R. Kayal 2016-04-11 14:55:41
Western Cuba

Whether a novice or experienced biker, physically fit or not, young or young at heart, you will be welcome on a bike tour with Wow Cuba. They provide excellent quality bikes, and are well equipped for safety and repairs, and mishaps or fatigue. Tour leaders plan well thought out routes that are not only diverse and culturally interesting, but also start in easy terrain and gradually build in complexity as you become familiar with the bikes and terrain. Staff are friendly and attentive to your needs, but not overbearing. For the traveler, there's nothing else to do but relax and enjoy the ride!  Read more...

K. McClellan 2016-04-11 14:49:28
Western Cuba

Don't be afraid of travelling to Cuba and taking a bike tour with WOW CUBA...they look after everything...all you need to do is eat, drink, and ride your bike. Even when you are tired and need a problem...the bus is there and someone is always checking on you.. It's a guided but individual can go at your own pace . The meals are great and the staff really care about you....I would go again in a heartbeat....and even do a back to back tour!  Read more...

M. O'Connor-Rafuse 2016-04-08 12:29:14
Central Cuba

You really ought to go to Cuba before it changes too much and Cycling is an excellent way of seeing the country! You get to see Havana, but also many small towns and farm areas. You meet real Cubans and have a chance to experience the natural beauty of the country as well!  Read more...

I. Macpherson 2016-04-12 15:43:07
Central Cuba

Use WowCuba for visiting Cuba -- it's a great way to get to know the country -- it's affordable -- and the selections of hotels and restaurants is terrific!  Read more...

S. Gang 2016-04-12 15:36:26
Central Cuba

The support was the best I have ever seen. Great staff all the way around.  Read more...

CJ. Lynch 2016-04-12 11:15:18
Vuelta Cuba

If you want a supported cycling trip in Cuba, with excellent bilingual English/Spanish guides, this is the tour company for you. The staff has excellent and longstanding relations with both the people and government of Cuba, the bicycles are very well-maintained and of good quality, and the sag wagon and driver are top-notch. All meals are included, and they are generally excellent.  Read more...

M. Stedman 2016-04-12 16:03:11
Vuelta Cuba

The staff at WOWCuba couldn't be more attentive. They catered to our every need from bottled water to setting up our bicycles with our own saddles and pedals. The daily routes chosen were wonderfully representative of Cuban geography and were long enough to be exhilarating without being so long as to be overly strenuous. Restaurants were selected with knowledge only those who love Cuba could have obtained through meticulous research. Most were outstanding. Go expecting to be cast back to the 1960's and experience a country poised for greatness. The people are expressive and openly kind, especially toward Americans, and the history lesson into which you'll be immersed will fascinate you. Don't pass up for a second the chance to sign up with WOWCuba for their vuelta tour.  Read more...

S. Hawkes 2016-04-12 15:49:08