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Sport Fishing in Cuba

Cuba is the gem of the Antilles in terms of sport fishing. Factors contributing to its spectacular reputation include the deep river-basins and fields of the Caribbean Sea, the Gulf of Mexico, the straits of Florida and the Bahamas which serve as ecological barriers for the distribution and migration of many fish. Major ocean currents connect with the routes of the oceanic and migratory species that unite on its rich insular platform, offering a panorama where more than a thousand species can appear.

Fewer than 3 full-day fishing sessions are only available when booked in advance in conjunction with WoWCuba’s minimum booking requirement (1 hotel night, 3 car rental days, or other multi-day WoWCuba tour package).


Fly Fishing

WoWCuba recommends booking fly fishing activities in advance of arrival in Cuba due to very limited availability of boats & guides for this activity, and limited capacity for designated fishing grounds.

North Shore

South Shore or Inland

  • Zapata Peninsula (pricing available on demand only)
  • Rio Zaza
  • Isle of Youth
  • Jardines de la Reina (N/A with WoWCuba)

Deep Sea Fishing / Trolling

For individual visitors to Cuba interested engaging in deep sea fishing, WoWCuba normally recommends purchasing these excursions (with departures highly subject to weather conditions) locally at hotel tour desks upon arrival.
Availability with local providers is not usually an issue for this type of optional tour. WoWCuba can provide advance reservations for group angling activities as part of their WoWCuba travel package, with the condition that departures are subject to meteorological considerations. Marinas where deep sea fishing excursions are offered include:

North Shore

  • Havana (Hemingway & Tarara Marinas)
  • Varadero
  • Jardines del Rey (Cayo Coco & Cayo Guillermo)
  • Santa Lucia
  • Guardalavaca

South Shore

  • Maria la Gorda
  • Cayo Largo
  • Trinidad
  • Santiago de Cuba