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Santiago de Cuba Scuba Diving Center.

Dive in Santiago de Cuba.

Center of Dive Santiago de Cuba in him but oriental of the Island a true paradise for the lovers of the Dive.

Dive Centers

Among the green mountains and the deep blue sea are various tourist facilities building and 4o riginal dive centers, “Follow”, “Daiquiri”, “Buccaneer” and “SierraMar”distributedin more than 100 kilometers of coastline totheloversenjoydive in the depths of the Caribbean Sea.

Regard less of the attractions, specialdiveareasin which they operate these centers dive have in commonthe formation of large coral hillocks that communicate with eachother bytunnels and flume, in whichshelterlarge fish, crustaceans and mollusks.In theses hip wrecksaboundfunds. Alldive sitesare locatedon a narrowshelf,very close tothe dive centers.

Dive a Open Water:

Depth:16 meters.There arecoral headsinthe sitevery attractivefor their shapesand the abundance of sessile fauna consists of large gorgoniansand fans,and the great varietyof reef fish that in habit there.

Dive in Guárico:

Depth: 15meters  . Sunk ship on arenazowhose structurehas developeda large population offishthat lurkon its outskirtsand its main attractionare the largeaguajises​​(Mycteropercabonasí) feeding from the hand of the diver.

Dive in La Pared:

Depth:35 meters.Identifiesthe place agulfsong fallssharply togreat depths, favored for its richunderwaterlifesuch as gorgonians, sponges of great development and black coral colonies (black coral). Fish are well represented merely observing large grouper, snapper, and small charismatic fish.

Dive in Spring Carol:

Depth:25 meters. Sunk ship,almostintact,very attractiveforthepermanent presenceof largeaguajises​​, parrots, angelfishand many other speciesof reef fish.

Dive in Conch Reef:

Depth: 15meters.The mostoutstandingfeatureof this area isa Coral Reefwith abundant fish, many stocks of Cobos (Strombusgigas) and excellent vision.

Dive in The Maze:

Depth:25 meters.This placecan be defined aslargebayousformed by barsextraordinarily beautiful coral saboundpompano,snapper,barracudaand aguajises

Dive in Mandinga Reef:

Depth: 35metros. El bottomin this are a emerges froman area of​​ great depthsto 35meters, is prodigiously populated by fish of all shapes and sizes.

The Center of Diving of Santiago from Cuba is the perfect place for the lovers of the dive.