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Santiago de Cuba Diving

Where is it? Cuba’s former capital is located on the Caribbean in the southeast corner of Cuba. It is called the most Caribbean of Cuban cities.

Getting there: International flights are offered into Santiago, as well as daily connections via domestic flights from Havana.

Accommodation: Los Galeones, Brisas Sierra Mar, Carisol-Los Corales, Santiago de Cuba hotels.

The Scuba Diving: The area is primarily concentrated in the Baconao Park Zone (at the Carisol/Corales center), with the exception of Chivirico to the west where diving is excellent from Sierra Mar. Sixteen dive sites are in the immediate vicinity of the location of the former Bucanero hotel. There are thirteen more sites in front of Daiquiri Beach. In the eastern end of the park there are at least 6 more notable sites accessed via the Sigua center. Characteristics of the area include the formation of large coral crags that communicate through tunnels and narrow channels. There are large fish, crustaceans and mollusks. The bottoms hold shipwrecks where you can personally feed enormous groupers. Sunken Spanish galleons are the main attraction in the Sierra Mar dive center.

Santiago de Cuba Diving-Prices in USD

Valid to 31/10/2017

Dive 1 2* 2** 3 4 5
Prices 33.74 51.91 64.89 92.14 123.29 149.25
Dive 6 7 8 9 10 11
Prices 176.50 205.05 234.90 263.45 272.54 285.52
Dive 12 13 14 15 16 17
Prices 311.47 337.43 363.38 389.34 415.30 441.25
Dive 18 19 20
Prices 467.21 489.27 516.52

* Same departure

** Separate departures

Dive Reservations/Minimum Booking Requirements:

No Fee: For WoWCuba clients booking hotel, car rental reservations or tour packages. No minimum dive requirement.

Agency Service Fee applies: For dive only packages (minimum 10 dives/diver).

Dive packages are priced individually and are non-transferable.

Includes: bcd/regulator, wetsuit, mask/fins, weights, tanks, boat, dive guide

Excludes: add’l equipment rental, gratuities.

Requires: presentation of international dive certification and foreign passport. Cuban nationals require previous National Coast Guard authorization to board dive vessels.

Note 1: up to 2 daily dives available in this destination, specific locations pending weather conditions.

Note 2: If your dive destination involves domestic flight services, WoWCuba suggests keeping in mind that domestic flight schedules in Cuba are irregular and subject to last minute changes. It’s recommended not to fly within 24 hours of your last dive so avoiding planning/programming any diving on your last day in the destination is prudent.

Dive rates at the Admiral Pascual Cervera’s Fleet-Prices in USD

Valid to 31/10/2017

Sunken Ships
Single Dive
Double Tank
Oquendo 44.13
Vizcaya 44.13 85.65
Plutón & Furor 44.13 85.65
Colón 44.13 85.65

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