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Sailing Charters, Live-aboard adventure in Cuba

Sailing’s been in our family for generations. From distinguished tall ship captains in the late 19th century to Canadian merchant marines in Havana in the roaring ‘20’s, to self-taught novices in the 21st century who bought a sailboat on a whim at the Hemingway Marina. Those of us who’ve always lived on islands sometimes take the ocean for granted. But its draw is undeniable. On a sailing holiday in Cuba you can escape the crowds, visit virgin and uninhabited islands, snorkel and fish to your heart’s content, and all in the hands of an experienced local crew who are experts at navigating local waters. They even look after preparing your meals and drinks aboard the boat so all you really have to do is focus on what you like to do best. It’s one of the best ways to disconnect from the modern world and meaningfully reconnect with your travel companions and the natural world around you.

Crewed liveaboard all-inclusive sailing charters are based in the Varadero international marina.

If you’re dreaming of exploring Cuba’s shores and depths from its pristine coastlines, then we can make that dream a reality.