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How to reserve, 3 Step Offline Booking Process

Step #1

Request a Quotation. Car rental and hotel quotes are automated on our website and other services are gradually being added to our online shopping cart. If interested in booking a service not currently available in our shopping cart/online inventory, we are happy to combine other services into your invoice with our offline quotation process. When you use the Quote Request button on the page of the specific service that interests you, your message goes directly to the WoWCuba travel specialist assigned to that activity.

  • Request a cycle tour: in the comments section of the form, detail any services you’d like to add to the cycle tour quotation such as additional accommodations, airport transfers, a rental car, dive services or other particular interest. We will combine all services into a single quotation.
  • Request an Offline Quotation/Information: if you’re looking for a quotation for another service you’ve not found in our online offers, use this form to submit your inquiry to our sales office.

Upon receiving your request, we will e-mail you a Quotation including conversion to foreign currency and payment options, plus a Quote reference number to proceed to Step #2 should you agree with the Quotation.

Step #2

If you accept the Quotation and wish to confirm and pay for services as quoted, in order to request services, you must submit a Registration Form with complete travel details and payment information. Service providers have up to 72 working hours to respond to requests from the time they are processed in our Havana operations office.

Step #3

Upon confirmation of your reservation(s), if you have requested to pay by credit card we will process your deposit or payment in full (see terms & conditions for individual and group travel terms). If you request and time remains for payment by wire transfer, cheque or money order, you will be issued a Statement at this time with all necessary instructions to complete payment to our corresponding Canadian or Cuban accounts. When payment is complete, you will be issued an Invoice with confirmation numbers and an email message from our Canadian office with all necessary information for claiming services in Cuba.


1. We may not be able to secure reservations for individual land services received less than 72 hours (Mon-Fri) prior to departure. If we are successful, a $40 USD late booking fee applies. Reservations received less than 24 hours (Mon-Fri) prior to departure will not be accepted.

2. If you intend to pay for travel services by cheque or money order, you will be given 7 days from the time of confirmation of services to complete payment with our Canadian office. Should your cheque/money order payment fail to arrive in a timely manner, you will be provided with the option of cancelling services or providing a credit card for guarantee/processing. Wire transfers to Canada are provided a 7-day reception limit, and wire transfers to Cuba must be sent within 24 hours of issuance of your statement.

3. A physical imprint of your current Visa or Mastercard credit card is required if you wish to use our emergency cash advance service locally in Havana. Our office requires 24 hrs advance notice if you require this service, available Mon-Fri.