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Rates quoted exclude agency administrative & receptive handling fees which are calculated separately upon Checkout based on the total # of travelers in your party.


Room 1:

For Group Services (preferred rates for 10 or more travelers), email our Groups Coordinator.

WoWCuba offers confirmed advance reservations and prepayment services for most inns, hotels and resorts.

We publish approximately 100 of our preferred properties here.
If you’re interested in a property not listed, e-mail us for details.

Minimum booking requirement:
No minimum booking requirement or minimum booking supplement applies for WoWCuba tour clients (packages including accommodations), or for clients booking 3 or more hotel nights with WoWCuba.
For clients booking 1-2 accommodation nights with no other WoWCuba services, reservations requests are accepted with a $10 USD/night supplement.
Booking Fees: are automatically calculated on your Checkout screen before submitting your request.