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Hotel Palacio Marqués del Prado Ameno

Company: Habaguanex
Location: Havana, Old Havana

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Very close to both Cathedral Square and Arms Squares, the former mansion of Marquises of Prado Ameno sits just few meters from Obispo Street, the main pedestrian artery of the historical centre.

The large colonial-style house recreates the atmosphere of a typical Cuban aristocratic house at the beginning of the 18th century. The intimacy, peacefulness and the preservation of the original arches and frescos, combined with the privacy and the freshness of the patio as well as the sobriety of its decoration, invites guests to rest in a cozy atmosphere.

Number of Rooms: 16

Address: Calle O’Reilly esq. a Cuba, Old Havana

Hotel Palacio Marqués del Prado Ameno, Characteristics

A la carte Restaurants
Conference room
Parking Area
Taxi Services
Tourism desk