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Casa Brisas de Alameda

Company: B&B
Location: Sancti Spiritus, Trinidad

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Owner Johan has impeccably restored his colonial home in classic baroque style, carefully hand-selecting furnishings and using many recycled building materials to provide his guests with a comfortable, authentic and tasteful experience in the heart of colonial Trinidad. Johan’s unique taste and vision may be partly due to the 7 years he spent living and working in France where he focused on developing his talents in various French kitchens.

Today he is happy to invite guests of his home to join him visiting local markets and then share a unique experience of observing the in-house chef create meals with authentic Cuban ingredients with a fine touch of style and presentation in the finished product. The culmination is getting to literally savor the flavors of this truly authentic, insightful and educational opportunity.

Languages: Spanish, French, English (a little)