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Havana Scuba Diving Center

Dive in Havana.

A pretty place for the Dive, Havana

An unforgettable dive.


With its shores lapped by the Atlantic Ocean operate two main international Dive Center “La Aguja” located at the Hemingway Marina and “Tarara” in the Beaches of the East area. There are roughly 24 sites identified from Cojimar in eastern Havana to the Mariel Bay in western Havana, and 10 additional sites in the East beaches of Havana, having the peculiarity of insular platform that falls to the bottom stepwise submarine. The diving area runs parallel to the coast and dive sites are at depths ranging from 5 to 35 meters, standing in them the beautiful plains carpeted by Coral Reef, gorgonians and sponges that swim among the large schools of small reef fish, small caves or niches and shipwrecks of curious stories.

Coral Island:Depth 25 meters. It is a merchant ship that caught fire and ran aground on the coast. It is divided into three sections one of which, the stern became a refuge for various fish species and size ideal for the development of species such as corals, hydrozoos, vivalvos, sponges and algae.

Sánchez Barcastegui:Depth 25meters.It is an oldSpanishbattleship, sunk in 1895after collidingwith another shipas hemaneuvers toentrance of the Havana bay.Amongthe old remainsof this boatareCoral Reef and shoalsof species such astarpon(MegalopsAtlantica), snook(Centropomusundecimalis), grouper (Epinephelussp.), and others.

Comodoro: Depth:24 meters.Fishing boatsunkintentionally andbecomean artificialCoral Reef.It is very wellpreservedand insideandaround you can findfish of differentsizes.

Canto de Viriato:Depth: 30 meters. Where Coral Reefformations are staggered, which resemble small mountains that fall from 20 to 30 feet deep, are occasionally seen plenty of adult fish, schools of juvenile fish and several species of lobters.

Cabezo de las Chopas: Depth 15 meters. In this area there is a wall that falls from 10 to 15 meters and near large seamounts are scattered in the ambience as well as a cave inside where serve as refuge of many fish and Coral Reef. There are also coral column (Dendrogyracylindrus), large basket sponges known as Venus (Xetospongiamuta) and schools of sunfish (Kyphosus sp.) dult lurking throughout the area in the company of divers.

Canto de Hollywood.Depth: 15meters.You can see the small tunnel withabundance of Coral Reef, sponges and gorgonians.A great varietyof reef fish make upa cloudof many colors.

Los Paraguas de Baracoa. Depth:35 meters. Coral Reef flat, mainly of the species Montast raeasp., which fromthe surfacegives the impressionof largeumbrellas, hence, the name of the place.They arelargeadult fishand spongesformingshoalsof big size andblackcoral colonies(Antipathessp). Come and make your own Dive not wait any longer.