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Havana Diving

Where is it? On Cuba’s northwestern shore, Havana is Cuba’s capital with almost three million inhabitants.

Getting there: International flights are offered to Havana. Airport transfers available to your hotel. Fly & drive programs are also available.

Accommodations: Although you’re free to stay in any property in Havana and simply arrange for inexpensive daily transfers to the dive centers, we recommend the following if interested in being closer to the dive centers: Club Acuario at the Marina Hemingway or Hotel Copacabana in Miramar.

The Scuba Diving: There are three main international dive centers currently operating; La Aguja located at the Hemingway Marina and Copacabana in Miramar , and the Tarara Marina in Havana’s Eastern Beaches. There are roughly 24 sites identified from Cojimar in eastern Havana to the Mariel Bay in western Havana. There are an additional 10 sites in the Beaches of the East area. The dive area runs parallel to the coast and the sites are at depths of 5 to 35 meters. Vistas include coral fields, sponges, tropical fish, small caves and shipwrecks.

Havana Diving-Prices in USD

Valid to 30/04/2017

Dive 1 2* 2** 3 4 5
Prices 34 51 64 91 122 148
Dive 6 7 8 9 10 11
Prices 174 202 230 260 267 289
Dive 12 13 14 15 16 17
Prices 315 341 367 393 419 445
Dive 18 19 20
Prices 467 493 519

* Same departure

** Separate departures

Dive Reservations/Minimum Booking Requirements:

No Fee: For WoWCuba clients booking hotel, car rental reservations or tour packages. No minimum dive requirement.

Agency Service Fee applies: For dive only packages (minimum 10 dives/diver).

Included: Instructor, weights, tanks, BCD, wetsuit, mask/fins & boat

Not Included: Night diving equipment (available for rental locally)

Note: Divers must bring dive certification and foreign passport presentation is required for boarding boats.

Dive Course in Havana

Valid to 30/04/2017

Dive levels
Prices in USD
Open water 328
Advanced 287
Rescue 250
Oxygenation 287

Includes: International certification (ACUC, SSI), dive instructor, boat, dive equipment, dive kit with didactic and other materials, classroom sessions, pool session, 4 open water immersions.

Sample dive sites

Coral Island: 25 meters, A merchant ship that caught fire and ran aground. It’s divided into three sections, and the stern has become a haven for various fish species. It surface is ideal for the development of corals, hydrozoa, bivalves, sponges and algae.

Sanchez Barcastegui: 25 meters, An old armored Spanish vessel that foundered in 1895 after colliding with another ship while maneuvering to enter Havana Harbor. Swimming among the remnants of the old man-‘o-war, you can discover tarpons, snooks and groupers.

Hollywood Song: 15 meters, Wall with caves, a small tunnel and abundant corals, sponges and gorgonians; coral reef fish species form a multicolored cloud around divers.

El Muerto: An area with considerable coral and tropical fish (this is offered by Blue Reef), you’ll discover a site which has gained in popularity since the 1997 drowning of a young boy in this area. His family has had a marble angel pantheon sunken here in his memory, drawing many divers to see the site.

Comodoro: 24 meters, An intentionally-sunken fishing boat has been turned into an artificial reef. It’s extremely well-preserved and fish of various sizes roam its interior and exterior.

Viriato’s Song: 30 meters, Staggered coral formations resembling small hills drop to a depth of 20 – 30 meters. Adult and young fish and several lobster species can be found here.

Cabezo de las Chopas: 15 meters, Close to the vertical wall there are large outcroppings peppering the sandy bottom as well as a cave sheltering many species of fish. Also discover pillar corals, large sponges (Venus’s Basket) and schools of adult chubs swimming with divers.

The Baracoa Umbrellas: 35 meters, This flat coral formation resembles large umbrellas when seen from the surface. Schools of adult fish, large sponges, and colonies of black coral can be sighted.

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