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Guardalavaca Scuba Diving Center.

Dive in Guardalavaca.

Center of Dive in Guardalavaca, located in the City Holguin to the east of Cuba.

Perfect place for an unforgettable Diving.

Twenty kilometers of beach protected by Coral Reef one of the largest and best preserved tropical belt, flocks of pink flamingos in the lakes nearby and several hotels that allow full enjoyment in the most spectacular dive resort in Cuba.

Dive center:

with over 30 dive sites, where you have the privilege of found sunken ships with interesting stories, remains of a Spanish fort, caves, fish of different sizes, and sharks that feed on the hand of the instructors dive center operating in this tourist destination, the Shark’s-Friend.

Dive in Poseidón I-VI:

Depth: dive in 18 to 32 meters.These 6dive sitesare characterized bycanyonsor ridgesfundswhichwere developed intomarine terraces andtidalnicheswithabundantCoral Reefwildlife such assea fans, sponges, corals and tinycoral fish.

Dive in Nuestra Señora Virgen de Altagracia:

Depth: dive in 27 meters.Steeltug, which dates from the earlytwentiethcenturyin perfect condition,locatednextto a wallfallinginto the abyss.In its vicinityand insideyou will find manyfish.

Dive in Mortera:

Depth: dive in 27 meters.Identifiesthe place,the presence of aSpanishmerchant shipsunkin thenineteenthcenturythe entrance channelof the Bay ofNuevitas, where lives colorfulfishreefs andlargesnappers (Lutjanussp.), Grouper (Epinephelussp.) and schools ofcaringidos(Caranxsp.).

Dive in Las Ánforas:

Depth: dive in 27 meters.Site locatednearwhat was aSpanish fortthat guardedthe entrance tothe Bay.At the site it can be foundjugs, bottles and jarsas vestiges ofthe presence of thisfort.

The Center of Diving of Guardalavaca possesses several points those which which will make that its dive in the ilsa is fantastic.