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Guajimico Diving

Where is it? Guajimico is in Cienfuegos province, halfway between the cities of Cienfuegos and Trinidad on Cuba’s south shore.

Getting there: Taxi or rental car are common choices for independent travelers exploring this area. Some international (mainly French) travelers/tour operators use this 3* camping property as a base camp for weekly touring programs due to its proximity to varied natural and cultural opportunities, and striking natural landscapes (rock wall).

Accommodations: Villa Guajimico features “camping” in air conditioned cabañas with running hot water, cable tv and other basic comforts.

The diving: There are just 7 dive sites identified in the immediate area. The dive boat at Guajimico is one of the most comfortable we’ve experienced in Cuba with very easy access for immersions and considerable capacity.

Guajimico Diving

Prices in USD

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Dive packages are priced individually and are non-transferable.

Includes: bcd/regulator, wetsuit, mask/fins, weights, tanks, boat, dive guide.

Excludes: add’l equipment rental, gratuities.

Requires: presentation of international dive certification and foreign passport. Cuban nationals require previous National Coast Guard authorization to board dive vessels.

Note 1: up to 2 daily dives available in this destination, specific locations pending weather conditions.

Note 2: If your dive destination involves domestic flight services, WoWCuba suggests keeping in mind that domestic flight schedules in Cuba are irregular and subject to last minute changes. It’s recommended not to fly within 24 hours of your last dive so avoiding planning/programming any diving on your last day in the destination is prudent.

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Advance reservations of fewer than 5 dives/diver only available with WoWCuba when booked in conjunction with WoWCuba's minimum booking requirement (1 hotel night, 3 car rental days, or other multi-day WoWCuba tour package). View booking Terms & Conditions.