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Cultural Havana: an insider´s perspective

This offer only available when booked in advance in conjunction with WoWCuba’s minimum booking requirement (1 hotel night, 3 car rental days, or other multi-day WoWCuba tour package)

WoWCuba presents a unique opportunity for visitors to delve into Havana’s rich and diverse contemporary cultural scene in the company of Cuban cultural protagonist, Enrique Nuñez.

Enrique Núñez is an art historian, singer-songwriter & artistic director with 45 years of experience in Cuban show business. He’s also a patriot and father of three. Enrique offers bilingual (Spanish or English) guide services and transportation to deliver an unforgettable tailored cultural experience for visitors to his native Havana. Enrique personally escorts individual travelers (up to 4) aboard his Soviet-era Lada. Alternative transportation options can be arranged for groups of 5+ travelers.

Custom-design your private program of guided visits to Havana’s cultural gems. When selecting and designing your ideal cultural program in Havana pick & choose from Enrique’s offerings of:

Insight into the local music & art scenes

Choose from private world-class concerts, visits to music recording studios, music conservatories, F.A.C. (Cuban Art Factory), art workshops and galleries, local handcraft producers or vendors.

Cuban gastronomical experiences

Explore local produce markets and/or opt for a gourmet tour with a focus on Cuban Traditional Food and Cuban home cooking.

Education, Writers, Intellectuals

The son of a prominent Cuban writer and dramatist, Enrique is an ideal guide to take you on a trip inside the Havana University campus, or on the Ernest Hemingway trail.

Religion, Folklore

Visit neighborhoods rich in Afro-Cuban religion & folklore, the Martin Luther King Center, or the Jewish Holocaust Museum.

Cuban Sports

Check out a boxing gym in El Barrio, where Cuban champions are born.

WoWCuba Rates

Valid from 01/11/2019 to 31/10/2020

Passenger(s) Price in per vehicle USD
1 $ 195
2 $ 312
3 $ 390
4 $ 468
5-6 $520
7-10 $779
Larger groups: inquire


Up to 12 hours of guide services + 80 kilometers per day program, within Havana’s perimeter

Not Included

Local purchases, food, entry fees. Extra hours/mileage can be negotiated locally if required.

Enrique is very knowledgeable, a terrific guide. Flexible with the itinerary and plans. His deep understanding of Cuban history and his seamless program allows for a day packed with history and cultural experiences including jazz, art and culinary treasures. Without Enrique, we would not have been able to experience the richness of the Cuban culture and its many dimensions. A wonderful day in Havana…We can’t thank him enough!

Theresa Emory, MD, NYC

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