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Cuban Harlistas 2017

Cuban Harlistas (, in coordination with the Matanzas, Cuba provincial authorities, is organizing the Fifth National & International Harley Davidson Concentration in Cuba, which will take place from February 9-12, 2017 in Varadero, Matanzas. You are invited to participate in the encounter which will include the following programmed activities.


Thursday February 9

  • Departure for Varadero
  • Accommodation

Friday February 10

  • Activities to be announced
  • Evening musical entertaiment

Saturday February 11

09:00 Accreditation at the Varadero Park.
10:00 Concentration at the Varadero Park.

Exhibition and traditional competitions (public activity), including:

  • Slowest bike
  • Straw in the bottle
  • Hotdog
  • Obstacle courses
  • Fastest bike to start

Other surprise exhibitions which we hope will include motorcycle acrobatic acts Motorcycle prizes:

  • Oldest bike
  • Best restored bike (customized).
  • Best restored bike (original).
  • Bike that rode furthest to arrive at the event
  • Most popular bike
  • Other surprise prizes

Sunday February 12

Harlistas Cubanos 2016 Official Photo

Cuban Harlistas 2017 Social Activity

Cuban Harlistas is pleased to accept donations of toys destined to ill and orphaned children. Toys/games will be collected in Varadero during the planned activities and distributed to worthy organizations/institutions after the event.

Cuban Harlistas 2017 Participants

As with past events, this concentration is not organized by any specific motorcycle club, and all Harley Davidson owners in Cuba and abroad who wish to participate are invited, regardless of the club they belong to or the colors they wear. Motorcyclists riding other brands of bikes are also welcome to participate.

The Registration Fee for visitors is $30 CUC per person and includes 1 event t-shirt and farewell lunch.


To coordinate advance accreditation, accommodation and transportation please contact:

Abel Pez
Weekdays: (53) 7-866-2559
Cell phone: (53) 5264-4546

Lázaro Brotón
Cell phone: (53) 5-311-9192