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Cuba Private Bicycle Tours

On select dates, WowCuba offers their Western Cuba & Central Cuba tour itineraries on a private basis to groups of 1-6 travelers occupying a maximum of 3 rooms. Pricing is scaled to reflect the # of travelers sharing fixed costs on any given tour date. Registration is accepted & confirmed based on the # of participants committed to sharing those costs on any given tour date. If interested in signing up and joining other potential participants, but haven’t formed your own group for a private tour date, we’re happy to keep your request on file and put you in touch with other interested participants as presented without accepting a deposit or commitment to the tour. Registration is accepted on a first-come, first-served basis for those interested in submitting their deposits/final payments based on the # of confirmed travelers in their party. Child pricing for private tours is available upon request when we receive the specific details of your rooming requirements.

Private Tour Prices
Dates Circuit USD/pax in a group of 6 USD/pax in a group of 5 USD/pax in a group of 4 USD/pax in a group of 3 USD/pax in a group of 2 USD/exclusive departure for a single traveler Rooms Remaining Cyclist Seeking Roommate Last Date to Register
Start: 09/04/17

End: 16/04/17

Western Private  

$2790 double

$3012 double

$3693 single

$3342 double

$4029 single

$3910 double

$4596 single

$5045 double

$5732 single


$9144 single

3 10/03/17

Available Discounts

Alumni Discount:
5% off the land only price for repeat participants. View details here.


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