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Cuba Private Bicycle Tours

On select dates, WoWCuba offers their Western Cuba & Central Cuba tour itineraries on a private basis to groups of 1-6 travelers occupying a maximum of 3 rooms. Pricing is scaled to reflect the # of travelers sharing fixed costs on any given tour date. Registration is accepted & confirmed based on the # of participants committed to sharing those costs on any given tour date. If interested in signing up and joining other potential participants, but haven’t formed your own group for a private tour date, we’re happy to keep your request on file and put you in touch with other interested participants as presented without accepting a deposit or commitment to the tour. Registration is accepted on a first-come, first-served basis for those interested in submitting their deposits/final payments based on the # of confirmed travelers in their party. Child pricing for private tours is available upon request when we receive the specific details of your rooming requirements.

Private Group Tour Prices
Dates Circuit USD/pax in a group of 6 USD/pax in a group of 5 USD/pax in a group of 4 USD/pax in a group of 3 USD/pax in a group of 2 USD/exclusive departure for a single traveler Rooms Remaining Cyclist Seeking Roommate Last Date to Register Online

Available Discounts

Alumni Discount:
5% off the land only price for repeat participants. View details here.


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