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Cuba Bicycle Tours

WoWCuba´s been delivering fantabulous* supported bike tours in Cuba since 1994, making us pioneers. Convincing local tourism authorities of Cuba’s potential as an adventure cycle touring destination was a challenge at first. Back then with severe gas rations, some of them were bicycling to work every day on 50-pound Chinese flying pigeon bicycles, not exactly fun. Cuba traded sugar for a million of those units after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Fidel’s temporary solution for adapting to a new economic reality. The Special Period saw Cubans become the only modern society to lose significant weight nationally, an interesting phenomenon with unintended health benefits…but we digress. To generate foreign currency Cuba turned to tourism. Cuba’s early tourism master plan largely focused on developing all-inclusive resorts and conventional tourism in areas removed from the general population. Not so much the authentic Cuba we were interested in getting to know. But they were also promoting wellness and had some interesting properties in natural areas just perfect for adventures. As an entrepreneur in Canada with a bike shop, travel agency, and summer bicycle tour operation in Prince Edward Island our father saw an opportunity for winter work in tourism & hospitality in Cuba, but it’s turned into so much more.

The upside to spending all of your adult life exploring Cuba’s nooks and crannies through good times and bad, is that you cultivate lasting and meaningful relationships with local operators. And get to know a lot of people along the way. On a WoWCuba trip roads are paved for you on check-in, expect us to support local suppliers, restaurants and (of course) know where the best avocados are. Your bicycle tour leader Danny may or may not have an avocado tree named after him somewhere in Villa Clara province. The best thing about investing in a community is that it makes you feel part of it. Discover Cuba’s Inner Beauty with WoWCuba and you’ll realize, just as we have, that Cuba´s real warmth is found in the hearts of the resilient people.

*fan∙ta∙bu∙lous  adjective Slang. Marvelously good; excellent; wonderful; fantastic and fabulous

All WoWCuba cycle tour itineraries are available on a group or private basis, and tailor-made itineraries may be designed for private groups.


Western Cuba (7 nts)

A perfect blend of Havana’s culture + picturesque, fertile countryside

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Central Cuba (7 nts)

Rural riding by day, Colonial cities by night

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Vuelta Cuba (14 nts)

Epic 2-week journey from Santiago to Havana

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