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Cuba Bicycle Tours

WoWCuba / MacQueen’s Island Tours has long specialized in delivering high quality supported cycle tours to Cuba. With our humble beginnings in 1994, we were true cycle touring pioneers in Cuba, forging a path to true off-the-beaten-path adventure during the Special Period when it was largely an uphill battle. Having spent all of our adult lives exploring Cuba’s nooks and crannies through good times and bad, we have fostered lasting and meaningful relationships with local operators. Some of our clients have marveled about how members of a WoWCuba trip seem to have roads paved for them on check-in, extra touches magically appear at the dining table, and hugs and warm family welcomes are regularly extended to our tour leaders when they appear to pay a visit to the homes of locals. Allow our team to show you the natural beauty of Cuba, and you’ll discover (as we have) that the real warmth is found in the hearts of the resilient people. Cycle tour itineraries are available on a group or private basis, and tailor-made itineraries may be designed for private groups.


Western Cuba (7 nts)

A perfect blend of Havana’s culture + picturesque, fertile countryside


Central Cuba (7 nts)

Rural riding by day, Colonial cities by night


Vuelta Cuba (14 nts)

Epic 2-week journey from Santiago to Havana