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Cuba Bicycle Tours

The largest island in the Caribbean, Cuba is a fascinating country. With relatively little traffic, friendly and curious locals, an eternal summer, endless unspoiled coastline and a fascinating blend of cultures, it’s an ideal place to explore by bicycle.

MacQueen’s Island Tours/WoWCuba has specialized in delivering high quality supported cycle tours to Cuba since 1994. Insight and authenticity is ensured by our use of local guides on all group cycle tours. To ensure that services are delivered to the high standards our clients expect, on or behind the scenes, a member of the WoWCuba team is there to ensure your holiday is everything you imagined it to be. Our group cycling activities are mainly focused in the mornings, leaving many afternoons free for independent exploration, relaxation, hiking, swimming, reading, and more.

From November to March in Cuba’s winter/dry season, we offer various one-week group bicycle tours and the ever-popular annual Vuelta Cuba, a 2-week trip from Santiago to Havana. In October – November 2017 and March – April 2018 we are offering several private tour dates centered around our Western and Central Cuba tour itineraries. We have resident company representatives who’ll introduce you to their favorite local spots, a large fleet of undisputedly the best rental bicycles available in Cuba individually selected for their components, comfort and suitability to the terrain, and all the experience, expertise and accessories to ensure an unforgettable cycle vacation in Cuba. In the summer/rainy season we suspend our group cycling programs as summer temperatures are usually not the most favorable for cycling in this destination, in addition to the higher probability of rain which can result in slick road conditions with the high # of diesel vehicles on the roads in Cuba. For those interested in exploring Cuba’s roads on 2 wheels in the summer, we highly recommend the independent bicycle rental services available at CicloCuba in Old Havana.

Allow us to show you the natural beauty of Cuba, and you’ll discover that the real warmth is found in the hearts of the people.

Group Tour Prices
Dates Circuit USD/pax Rooms Remaining Cyclist Seeking Roommate Last Date to Register
  • Start: 19/11/2017
  • End: 26/11/2017

$2865.00 double

$3275.00 single

2 No 20/10/2017
  • Start: 10/12/2017
  • End: 17/12/2017

$3200.00 double

$3545.00 single

14 No 10/11/2017
  • Start: 17/12/2017
  • End: 24/12/2017

$2920.00 double

$3330.00 single

14 No 17/11/2017
  • Start: 02/01/2018
  • End: 09/01/2018

$3200.00 double

$3545.00 single

14 No 01/12/2017
  • Start: 14/01/2018
  • End: 28/01/2018
Vuelta Cuba

$5435.00 double

$6150.00 single

12 No 15/12/2017
  • Start: 04/02/2018
  • End: 11/02/2018

$2865.00 double

$3275.00 single

14 No 05/01/2018
  • Start: 11/02/2018
  • End: 18/02/2018

$3200.00 double

$3545.00 single

14 No 12/01/2018
  • Start: 18/02/2018
  • End: 25/02/2018

$2865.00 double

$3275.00 single

14 No 19/01/2018
  • Start: 04/03/2018
  • End: 11/03/2018

$3200.00 double

$3545.00 single

11 No 02/02/2018
  • Start: 11/03/2018
  • End: 18/03/2018

$2865.00 double

$3275.00 single

14 No 08/02/2018
  • Start: 18/03/2018
  • End: 25/03/2018

$3200.00 double

$3545.00 single

14 No 16/02/2018

View WoWCuba Private Bicycle Tour Dates/Rates

Vuelta Cuba

2 weeks Santiago to Havana

Our 2-week odyssey bike tour crosses Cuba from Santiago to Havana (east to west), generally with the prevailing winds.

We begin in Santiago de Cuba taking the magnificent, deserted southern coastline as we begin our journey west. Visit the Sierra Maestra mountains, Bayamo, the charming undiscovered coastal town of Gibara, Camaguey, colonial villas Sancti Spiritus & Trinidad, Cienfuegos, the Bay of Pigs and more before arriving in Cuba’s capital, Havana city.

When you’ve finished cycling you will relax in clean and comfortable hotels.

Our experienced support team is second to none, and our equipment impresses even the most discerning riders.

View Vuelta Cuba details

Western Cuba

1 week Havana & Pinar del Rio

We start in Cuba’s capital, Havana where you may marvel at the antique cars, stunning architecture in various degrees of restoration or disrepair and engage yourself with friendly locals as we make our way to the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in the Sierra del Rosario mountain range.

At Soroa, the orchid garden, waterfall and optional massage service will enhance your holiday.

Continue through rural countryside to National Natural Monument, Viñales Valley with panoramic views of the pincushion hills (mogotes) and the valley below.

Visit the Las Terrazas community, a successful experiment in reforestation and sustainable development.

Optional beach time can be provided on at least one afternoon of the tour.

View Western Cuba details

Central Cuba

1 week Sancti Spiritus, Trinidad, Cienfuegos & Havana

Your cycle tour begins with a visit to the 500-year old colonial Villa Sancti Spiritus followed by a visit to its sister city Trinidad on the south coast. If it’s operating, we’ll ride an old steam train through the sugarcane fields.

Cienfuegos, the “Pearl of the Caribbean”, is known for its French-influenced architecture.

Spend an all-inclusive afternoon snorkeling amongst tropical fish inside a natural breakwater in the Bay of Pigs before heading to historic Old Havana where we’ll dine in some of the city’s best restaurants, and where cultural opportunities abound.

View Central Cuba details

Guaranteed Departures & Available Discounts

All group tour dates are guaranteed to operate for paid participants with the following condition (which we rarely have to invoke):

If the minimum number of cyclists on a tour (5, except 10 for Vuelta) is not met, then MacQueen’s Island Tours/WoWCuba reserves the right to offer the advertised itinerary accompanied only by our tour leader/mechanic in a support car/van.

Unsold hotel space is normally released 30 days prior to tour departure.

Cycle Tour Early Booking Bonus:
$50 USD/person discount to the first 4 cyclists to register and pay deposit on any group cycle tour (may be combined with alumni discount).

Back-to-Back Tours:
Second consecutive cycle tour, Deduct $100 USD per person, plus 10% discount. Bicycle jersey excluded from 2nd tour.

Alumni Discount:
5% off the land only price for repeat participants. View details here.

Early Bird Group Discount:
5% off the land only price for groups of 6 or more booking any of our group cycle tours together on a single invoice 90+ days prior to tour start. View details here. Private tour dates excluded.

What Clients Are Saying About WoWCuba Bicycle Tours

If you're looking for a great way to tour Cuba, choose WoWCuba cycling tours. There is no better way to see the country than cycling through sugar cane and rice fields, waving and shouting "Hola" to farmers on their horse-drawn buggies, exploring small villages and towns as well as the larger cities. The bikes were excellent and the guides were exceptionally experienced and knowledgeable, being Cubans or Cuban/Americans themselves. They even arranged for salsa dance lessons before heading out to tour Trinidad's nightly music and dance events!

M. (Mary) McCammon

Not knowing much about Cuba besides knowing we couldn't go there for my whole life, I had the time of my life! You should consider looking into WowCuba to see what they have to offer for trips. The Western route had a lot of variety and yes, some hills, but there were a bunch of us who walked them. The reward was a delicious feast of snacks and drink refreshments. If I could turn around and do it over again for another week, I would, but I want to go to another area and do that one. If you want to consider it, I'll go with you 🙂

J. Couture

I love this company and do not think you could do better. You get good value for the money spent, get to see the real Cuba and are looked after so well. I have never eaten better in my life than on WowCuba trips, despite Cuba's reputation for bland, uninteresting food. The company has sourced the best accommodations and places to eat, as well as the best cycling routes. The bikes they provide are great and there is always a technician along to solve any problems with the bikes. (This is basically what I told my four friends who came on this trip, their first to Cuba, their first cycling trip anywhere and their first exposure to WowCuba. All of them thanked me at the end of the trip for recommending it to them.)

N. Stewart

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