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Covarrubias Diving

Where is it? Covarrubias is located on the north shore of Las Tunas province.

Getting there: International flights are offered by some airlines directly into Holguin. Alternatively, domestic flights exist between Havana & Holguin (or las Tunas, but with less frequency). Rental car or taxis are also options for travel to Covarrubias Beach.

Accommodations: Villa Covarrubias.

The Diving: There are 26 sites identified in the area. Covarrubias features a presence of black coral, elkhorn/brain/leaf/star coral, sea fans, tropical dogfish, saws, groupers, snappers, trumpet fish, barracudas, and more.

Covarrubias Diving-Prices in USD

Valid from 01/11/19 to 31/10/20

Dive 1 daytime dive
1 night dive 1 cavern dive
2* 5 8
Prices  36.34 42.83 50.61 50.61 164.82 242.69
Dive 10 15 20
Prices  285.52 393.23 471.10

* Same departure

** Separate departures

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Advance reservations of fewer than 5 dives/diver only available with WoWCuba when booked in conjunction with WoWCuba's minimum booking requirement (1 hotel night, 3 car rental days, or other multi-day WoWCuba tour package). View booking Terms & Conditions.