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Cooking Class

Cuban cooking class experiences are available with WoWCuba at a Cuban speciality paladar in a residential neighborhood in the fishing village of Cojimar just east of Havana. We highly recommend supplementing this experience with a stop at the celebrated Alamar agricultural cooperative where you can learn what’s happening in urban gardening, Cuba’s organic agriculture movement, vermiculture, and tour the extensive grounds including vegetable crops, their community market, ornamental plants, and fruit trees.

Cuban Cooking Class

rates/person in USD

Valid to 31/10/21

This offer only available when booked in advance in conjunction with WoWCuba’s minimum booking requirement (1 hotel night, 3 car rental days, or other multi-day WoWCuba tour package)
1-6 pax 1-6 pax
Booking Fee
$10.00 payable in advance to WoWCuba Local Course Fee $50.00 payable locally to restaurant
Classes begin daily in Cojimar (10 minutes from Old Havana) at: 10 am, lunch included afterwards

WoWCuba’s 2-hour Cuban cooking class experience features:

  • A 3-block neighborhood walk in Cojimar to visit a local grower (and their supplier) of herbs where you can learn of their production process, vermiculture, and select the herbs you’ll use in their kitchen and bar.
  • A chef-led presentation in the restaurant’s patio  will offer you  an introduction to Cuban cuisine and its origins.  English translation can be provided  in-house  by a restaurant employee.
  • Kitchen demonstration of the preparation of some traditional local dishes including ropa vieja (shredded beef), plus lobster & shrimp enchilado (in tomato sauce).
  • Cuban Bartending 101: the house bartender will teach you how a Cuban mojito’s made, and then you’ll undertake making your own version of this minty cocktail, one of Cuba’s 3 signature drinks.
  • Meal service: The experience is topped off with an opportunity to savor the flavors. The staff will provide a bread service (accompanied by several of their own sauces), ajiaco (Cuba’s national dish, a root vegetable-based stew), rice, salad, beans, yucca (taro root), and the beef/lobster/shrimp dishes that you learned how to prepare in the kitchen. Round out your palate and this educational excursion with a national brand beverage, your choice of several typical Cuban desserts, traditional coffee, and aged rum to finish of the meal.

Prices exclude:

Cuban ground handling fees, transportation, gratuities, agency service fees

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