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Cienfuegos Diving

Where is it? Cienfuegos is called the Pearl of the South, on Cuba’s central south shore. The city is consistently awarded and recognized for its efforts to maintain the clean environment of its waters. There is a beautiful bay and boardwalk showcased in the town.

Getting there: International flights are offered by some airlines directly into Cienfuegos. Alternatively, Havana or Varadero can be combined with land transfers or you may consider a rental car to have more opportunities for exploring in the afternoon.

Accommodations: Rancho Luna, Faro Luna

The diving: There are 30 sites identified in the area. From Faro Luna International Dive Center you can visit shipwrecks, coral formation barriers so tall that they sometimes reach the surface, and channels. The area is noted especially for the clarity of its waters, making it an ideal site for underwater photography.

Cienfuegos Diving-Prices in USD

Valid to 30/04/2017

Dive 1 2* 2** 3 4 5
Prices 34 51 64 91 122 148
Dive 6 7 8 9 10 11
Prices 174 202 230 260 267 289
Dive 12 13 14 15 16 17
Prices 315 341 367 393 419 445
Dive 18 19 20
Prices 467 493 519

* Same departure

** Separate departures

Dive Reservations/Minimum Booking Requirements:

No Fee: For WoWCuba clients booking hotel, car rental reservations or tour packages. No minimum dive requirement.

Agency Service Fee applies: For dive only packages (minimum 10 dives/diver).

Included: Instructor, weights, tanks, BCD, wetsuit, mask/fins & boat

Not Included: Night diving equipment (available for rental locally)

Note: Divers must bring dive certification and foreign passport presentation is required for boarding boats

Dive Course in Cienfuegos

Valid to 30/04/2017

Dive levels
Prices in USD
Open water 308
Advanced 245
 Rescue 157
 Oxygenation 151

Includes: International certification (ACUC, SSI), dive instructor, boat, dive equipment, dive kit with didactic and other materials, classroom sessions, pool session, 4 open water immersions.

Recommended sites

The Crown: 30 meters. Characterized by spectacular narrow coral channels, more than 10 meters deep at some points, dropping sharply down to an extensive sandy plateau. You can observe groupers, barracuda, many coral species, lobster, crab, and sometimes in winter, the majestic whale shark.

Camaroneros I and II: 10-25 meters. Identified by two fishing boats, intentionally sunk and turned into attractive artificial reefs sheltering an abundant coral fauna.

Kerchief Point: 30 meters. The coral bottom is very beautiful thanks to an exuberant fauna featuring gorgonians and corals. Their uninhibited growth has created deep narrow channels abounding in fish, crustaceans and mollusks of impressive shapes and colors.

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