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Cayo Santa Maria Scuba Diving Center

Dive in Cayo Santa Maria.

The Center of Dive Cayo Santa María, located in Villa Clara.

In this área there are  threescubadivingzones: “Cayo Fragoso”; “Cayo Francés – Cayo Diablito”; “Cayo Santa María – Cayería los Caimanes”.

Dive in Palo Quemado:

MaximumDepth- 45meters.Startingfromthe esplanaderocky-reef at16 to 17m deep, cut bucketswere down agently slopingwallto a depth of40 m,from whichbeginsa step orslopethat fallsdeeper,is highlightedthroughoutthis area, theexistinglargecoralcoveragein the same, this being the main attraction of your dive.

Dive in La Tavaiba:

Depth- 40meters. Lieson therockycoral esplanade, inapproximately20 m depthbegins to descendin a verygentle slopeto 26m, which falls ona small wallnear verticalto 36- 40 mdeep.The bottom isveryirregularslabspresentingmany, small caves andgreat depressions ofup to 6m difference inlevelwith the terrace, features that supportan abundance of wild life here in this point of dive.

Dive in Las Almedinas:

Depth- 40m. It is on therockyesplanade-coralat 20m depth,the bottombegins to fall ingentle descentto 40mor so,ending in asandy plainalmosthorizontal.The surface of therockyplain-presentsa significantcoralcoverageby corals, sponges and gorgonians.

Dive in Boca Chica.

Depth: 28 m.This pointis located in“CayoFragoso”, the bottom is a flatsandy rocky.They are abundantins mallcaveswhichs helter the fish that in habit this place.Are distinguished by their size and beauty the great mounds of CoralReef Eye and Ojitos, Coral Leaf,Hongo,Porous, BridalBouquetandBrainCoral, sponges and gorgonians.Small andcolorfulfishes can be seeing, and big fishsuch asgroupers and dog fish.

Dive in El Cabezo de los Loros.

Depth:23 m.Thebottom typeisasandyplain-therockalternating withlargeseamounts. Abundantichthyofaunainhabiting thesame, largequantityof beautifulcolors ofMacawParrotand others likesnappers,Jallaos, Fish ButGroupersCreole, Ariguas, etc.. There are alsomanysmallcolorfulfish. CoralReefOjitoseyeand theCrawlerCoral, FingerCoral, BrainCoralandFireCoral can be seeing.

Cayo Santa María place of beautiful hotels, beaches and perfect for practices it of the Dive.