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Cayo Largo Diving

Where is it? Off the southern coast of Cuba, it’s 177 km south of Havana and 120 km east of the Isle of Youth. Strictly for tourism, the 26 km island’s only Cuban inhabitants are workers in its tourism industry. The diving is based out of the Cayo Largo Marina. Daily transfers included from all Cayo Largo hotels to/from the Marina.

Getting there: Daily domestic flight from Havana or in certain seasons, direct weekly charter flights from Canada (with Cubana) and other countries.

Flights to Cayo Largo: Daily flights available, transfers included.

Accommodations: The dive center (marina) has a small 10 room hotel, Villa Marinera (right at the marina) as well as the nearby all inclusive Sol Cayo Largo, Hotel Pelícano or Iberostar Playa Blanca properties. WoWCuba can facilitate accommodations in the property of your choice in conjunction with your dive package.

The Scuba Diving: 32 dive sites, barrier reef just 1 km offshore, vertical wall, grottoes, sunken ships. The dive center is the Cayo Largo del Sur International Dive Center.

Cayo Largo Diving-Prices in USD

Valid to 30/04/2017

Activity Price
1-5 dives 43
6 dive package 240
10 dive package 368
11+ dives (price per dive) 35
Night Dive Supplement 14
Supplement (per diver) for Full Day in Cayo Rosario 42

Dive Courses in Cayo Largo-Prices in USD

Valid to 30/04/2017

Course Price Observations Requirements
Open Water Diver 497  Theoretical work can be completed online or in classroom according to client’s preference. Includes classroom work in pool + open water.  Permits diving up to 18 meters
1 Specialty 270  SSI offers 17 specialties  Kit + 2 dives
Advanced Adventure 324  Opportunity to try 5 different specialties. Complete one open water dive for each specialty and if you decide to complete the whole course for any of the specialties you’ve tried, the dive you’ve performed for that specialty will count against your advanced certification.  Includes 5 dives
2 Specialties 324  When the diver completes 2 specialties, he/she automatically acquires Specialty Diver certification.  3 dives required. For Specialty Diver, additional requirement of 12 registered dives.
4 Specialties 649  When the diver completes 4 specialties (this rate is valid when the diver purchases 4 specialties during the same trip) he/she automatically acquires Advanced Open Water Diver certification.  5 dives required. For Advanced Open Water Diver, additional requirement of 24 registered dives.
4 Specialties+Stress& Rescue 292  When the diver completes 4 specialties plus Stress & Rescue, he/she automatically acquires Master Diver certification.  50 registered dives are required for Master Diver certification.
Dive Guide 541  50 registered dives are required, plus Stress & Rescue + Basic First Aid specialties
Dive Master 541  60+ dives are required, plus Master Diver certification
Divecom 649
Open Water Referral 292  Includes 4 open water dives for international Open Water Diver certification.  Presentation of successful completion of theory & pool work, signed by your instructor.
Specialties not requiring dives 108  These are: Dive Science, equipment technique, dive computers, diving with sharks, altitude diving and Nitrox
Basic First Aid 108 Anyone can take this course regardless of whether they’re a diver.

Technical Specifications

Name: Cayo Largo del Sur International Dive Center

Address: Cayo Largo del Sur, Archipiélago de Los Canarreos, Isla de la Juventud, Cuba

Dive Zone: Canarreos Archipelago

Dive Sites: 32

Diving Capacity: 50 divers/day

Tanks: 180 12L steel with INT connection (DIN with adaptors) + 3 5L steel tanks for children’s courses + 5 10L steel tanks

Rental Equipment: 20 sets of Cressi Sub gear

Daily Departures: 1 (full day)

Type of Seabed: Coral reefs, walls, sunken ships, abundant species (barracudas, whale shark in winter) and caves.

Course Certification School: SSI

Boats: Four (2 X 12 divers, 2 X 18 divers)

Nearest hyperbaric chamber: In Havana or Gerona, by helicopter transfer

Facilities: Equipment rental available

Quantity of Dive Instructors: 9 CMAS

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