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What Clients Are Saying About WoWCuba Bicycle Tours

If you want to see Cuba, going by bike on a WowCuba tour has to be one of the very best ways to do it. There’s nothing to compare with a warm breeze on your face as you ride by horses, motorcyclists and other bikers, exchanging “buenos dias!” as they go about their day. WowCuba staff are knowledgeable, helpful and good-natured. I loved getting to know the warm and kind people of Cuba and will always be grateful to WowCuba for my wonderful trip.

T. Bruner

I enthusiastically recommend WowCuba, and would be glad to be a personal reference. The tour was very well planned and supported, the guides were extremely competent and fun to be with, meals and accommodations were very good to excellent, and this was a great mix of group activity, individual time, biking in beautiful countryside while learning about and appreciating Cuba, in all its complexity and possibilities. The trip is very suitable for an individual, a couple or a family (we were a family of 4 with 2 grown kids, different biking levels, different interests, and all of us really had a great time). Definitely recommend WowCuba and hope to come back.

N. Shaffer

The leaders were terrific–they were dedicated to giving us the best experience possible (riding support, tour guiding, great snacks and terrific restaurants). The trip was so well organized and thoughtfully planned that I was convinced I saw the best of everything in a week– from riding along vast farming areas to exploring national park land to encountering local people in the small towns wherever we went–this trip had it all. I believe it is the only tour where all the guides actually live there. They are either native-born Cubans or are connected to the Cuban community through living there for decades. This makes for a very authentic experience and if you had any problems, they would be the best equipped to handle it. They've been running these tours for so many years and have ironed out all the details for the most ideal routes and getting you the most exposure to the Cuban way of life.

D. Silverman

It was clear in comparing different operators that WoWCuba has longstanding relationships and deep knowledge of Cuba, much more than competitors who operate globally and are just adding Cuba to their catalogs. As well, the itinerary, the level of riding, and the quality of support were a good fit for my (mid-winter!) level of fitness, as well as providing great value for the money. And your bikes are great! WoWCuba has plenty of skill, local knowledge, and logistical smarts; they will take you on the most beautiful routes, where you'll stay in great hotels and eat fantastic food. But they also have heart; the company is led by people who have deep connections to Cuba, and who have lived and worked here through hard times and good times. It is clear that for WoWCuba, Cuba is not just a shiny new business opportunity - it is a home that they graciously share with us fortunate guests.

J. Byron

These guys know their stuff and have the disposition to show you the best time you could possibly have on a bike in Cuba. What a way to see the land, eat fabulous food, engage with the citizens and learn the rich history of this land. Go and take your friends and family!

K. Mulherin

If you want to see the real Cuba; do it on a bike and do it with WOW. The staff, equipment, and support is amazing. All you have to do is arrive, be prepared to bike, and enjoy the Cuban environment and people. Everything is taken care of.

F. Wallace

These guys really know the area and more importantly really know the people. They can get you in to places that other don't even know about.

P. Collins

Not knowing much about Cuba besides knowing we couldn't go there for my whole life, I had the time of my life! You should consider looking into WowCuba to see what they have to offer for trips. The Western route had a lot of variety and yes, some hills, but there were a bunch of us who walked them. The reward was a delicious feast of snacks and drink refreshments. If I could turn around and do it over again for another week, I would, but I want to go to another area and do that one. If you want to consider it, I'll go with you :)

J. Couture

Very well organized, good accommodations, good food, excellent service overall. The staff was very flexible and attentive to our needs. Riding through the country side is a lot of fun. Going through the towns is very interesting. The following bus is comforting as well as the lead and follow up ride leaders.

D. DiGiovanni

Wow Cuba were amazing. Itinerary was great with just the right amount of difficulty for me. Tour guides so caring with the group and checked the bikes every day. They were also lots of fun, but always looking after us. Nothing was too much trouble, even going to the airport in search of lost luggage.

R. Livingston
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