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Terral Hotel

Terral Hotel

Rated as one of the top Havana hotels on Trip Advisor
This boutique hotel has a fabulous Malecon location and all rooms feature spanning ocean views.
And check out these super room rates...
WoWCuba low season: $95 CUC/dbl,  $74 CUC/sgl or $136 CUC/triple
WoWCuba high season: $135 CUC/dbl, $101 CUC/sgl or $193 CUC/triple.
Plus VAT
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Open Water Referral Course

If you've already completed your theoretical & pool work and want to complete your practical dives to obtain international
scuba diver certification, then this is for you.
ACUC Open Water Referral Course just $203 CUC + VAT in Maria la Gorda PADI referrals accepted, ACUC certification provided.
Must accompany hotel booking.
View Maria la Gorda dive page
Organic Agriculture

Family Vehicle

Family Vehicle Rentals

Looking for something with a larger capacity than an economy or mid-size car for your travels in Cuba? 
Consider these options:
Cubacar –    Van Category (Hyundai H1 or similar seats up to 9 passengers)
REX –    Jeep Category (Hyundai Santa Fe or similar with large trunk space) or Minivan Category (Hyundai H1 or VW Transporter)
Rent Car VIA –    Peugeot Partner (5-seater, large cargo space), Peugeot 3008 (5-seater hybrid), Peugeot Partner Teepee (7-seater), or Peugeot Expert Teepee (9-seater)

El Salton Eco Lodge

Nestled in the Sierra Maestra mountain range in Santiago de Cuba,
El Salton is an oasis featuring a natural pool fed by a waterfall, a local naturalist/birdwatching guide second to none, and promises to be an experience unlike any other in Cuba.
Just $55 CUC/dbl, $35 CUC/sgl or $70 CUC/triple in low season, breakfast included
Plus VAT
Salton Hotel