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Vuelta Cuba Bicycle Tour


The largest island in the Caribbean, Cuba is a fascinating country. With relatively little vehicular traffic, friendly and curious locals, an eternal summer, endless unspoiled coastline and a fascinating blend of cultures, it's an ideal place to explore by bicycle. MacQueen's Island Tours/WoWCuba has specialized in delivering high quality supported cycle tours to Cuba since 1994. Insight and authenticity is ensured by our use of local guides on all group cycle tours. To ensure that services are delivered to the high standards our clients expect, on or behind the scenes, a member of the MacQueen family is there to ensure your holiday is everything you imagined it to be.
From December to March, we offer various one-week bicycle tours and the ever-popular annual Vuelta Cuba, a 2-week trip from Santiago to Havana. We have resident company representatives who'll introduce you to their favorite local spots, a large fleet of undisputedly the best rental bicycles available in Cuba individually selected for their components, comfort and suitability to the terrain, and all the experience, expertise and accessories to ensure an unforgettable cycle vacation in Cuba.
Allow us to show you the natural beauty of Cuba, and you'll discover that the real warmth is found in the hearts of the people.
blend of cultures, it's an ideal place to explore by bicycle. MacQueen's Island Tours/WoWCuba has specialized in delivering high quality supported cycle tours to Cuba since 1994. Insight and


Vuelta Cuba (itinerary, $ & features)

Vuelta Cuba: 2 weeks Santiago to Havana
Our 2-week odyssey bike tour crosses Cuba from Santiago to Havana (east to west), generally with the prevailing winds. We begin in Santiago de Cuba taking the magnificent, deserted southern coastline as we begin our journey west. Visit Bayamo, Camaguey, Sancti Spiritus, Trinidad, Cienfuegos, the Bay of Pigs and more before arriving in Cuba’s capital, Havana city. When you’ve finished cycling you will relax in clean and comfortable hotels. Our experienced support team is second to none, and our equipment impresses even the most discerning riders...(more info)

Western Cuba (itinerary, $ & features)

Western Cuba: 1 week Havana & Pinar del Rio
We start in Cuba's capital, Havana, staying in the heart of the historic old city. Marvel at the antique cars, stunning architecture and engage yourself with the friendly locals as we make our way to the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in the Sierra del Rosario mountain range. At Soroa, the orchid garden, waterfall and fantastic massage service will enhance your holiday. Continue through rural countryside to National Natural Monument, Viñales Valley with panoramic views of the pin cushion hills (mogotes) and the valley below. Relax with a beach day offshore at Cayo Levisa and overnight once again in the Sierra del Rosario before heading back to Havana...(more info)

Central Cuba (itinerary, $ & features)

Central Cuba: 1 week Santa Clara, Trinidad, Cienfuegos & Havana
Your cycle tour begins with a visit to the city of Santa Clara, where revolutionary Che Guevara's remains are entombed. Our hotel features circular bamboo cabanas, modeled after the native Indians' housing, called Caneyes. Cycle the north shore enroute to colonial Sancti Spiritus and Trinidad. Cross the Escambray Mountains to Cuba's most colonial city Trinidad. If it’s operating, we’ll ride an old steam train through the sugarcane fields. Cienfuegos, the "Pearl of the Caribbean", is known for its French-influenced architecture. Spend an all inclusive afternoon snorkeling amongst tropical fish inside a natural breakwater in the Bay of Pigs before heading to historic Old Havana where we’ll dine in some of the city’s best restaurants, and cultural opportunities abound... (more info)

Group Tour Schedule

All tour dates are guaranteed to operate for paid participants with the following condition:
If the minimum number of cyclists on a tour (5, except 10 for Vuelta) is not met, then MacQueen’s Island Tours/WoWCuba reserves the right to offer the advertised itinerary accompanied only by our tour leader/mechanic in a support car/van.
Cycle Tour Early Booking Bonus:
$50 CUC/person discount to the first 4 cyclists to register and pay deposit on any group cycle tour (may be combined with alumni discount)
Early Booking Bonus Available
Cyclist Seeking Roommate
 Rooms Remaining
Last Date to Register
Waitlist only
Central Yes No 12
Western Yes No 7
Central Yes No 11

Guaranteed Departures & Available Discounts

All tour dates are guaranteed to operate for paid participants with the following condition:
If the minimum number of cyclists on a tour (5, except 10 for Vuelta) is not met, then MacQueen’s Island Tours/WoWCuba reserves the right to offer the advertised itinerary accompanied only by our tour leader/mechanic in a support car/van.
Unsold tour space is normally released 30 days prior to tour departure.
Cycle Tour Early Booking Bonus:
$50 CUC/person discount to the first 4 cyclists to register and pay deposit on any group cycle tour (may be combined with alumni discount)
Back-to-Back Tours:
Second consecutive cycle tour, Deduct $95 CUC per person, plus 10% discount. Bicycle jersey excluded from 2nd tour.
Alumni Discount:
5% off the land only price for repeat participants. View details here.
Early Bird Group Discount:
5% off the land only price for groups of 6 or more booking together 90+ days prior to tour start. View details here.
Cycle Cuba with your friends & family:
Each rider receives 5% off their tour price!!! View details here.

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Is Cuba safe?
Should I bring my own bike?
Can US citizens visit Cuba?
Do I have to fly from Canada?
Which tour is most suitable for me?
Can I extend my holiday?
Are tours appropriate for children?
How much money should I bring?
What's included?
What area accommodations like?
How's the food?
Is the food suitable for vegans?
What's the profile of the average cyclist?
How early should I book.
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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a fitness guru to participate in your bicycle tours?
Answer: NO! We have had participants from age 6 to 86. Some days are longer or hillier than others, but we have a support van following our groups. We ride about 4 - 5 hours each morning and offer ride extensions for avid cyclists. After lunch, there are usually optional activities such as swimming, horseback riding, trekking or simply relaxing on your balcony sipping a mojito. You're never locked into mileage and we like to take time to smell the roses (or the jasmine, in this case)! You'll get to know Cuba and its friendly people far better on our cycle holidays than traveling by car or tour bus!
Is Cuba safe?          Top of Page
Answer: Cuba is probably one of the safest countries in the world. Crime is usually limited to "quick theft" and your physical safety should be very secure. However, you will probably meet a "jinatero" or hustler and you may find yourself saying "No Gracias" more often than you'd like. Because most Cubans are so friendly, it's easy to be lulled into a false sense of security but you should remember to take the same precautions as you would when traveling anywhere.
Should I bring my own bike?          Top of Page
Answer: We stock high quality Canadian-made comfort hybrids and a limited number of mountain bikes, along with replacement parts specific to those bicycles. We discourage bringing your own bike as it's not uncommon to encounter loss or damage en route. We stock replacement parts for our equipment, but parts for your bike are probably not available in Cuba.
Feel free to bring along your personal saddle, clipless pedals or helmet, all of which can be installed/outfitted on our equipment upon arrival. We equip our bikes with a rear carrier/trunk bag or handlebar/map bag, water bottle and cage and optional toe clips. You're welcome to bring along accessories such as a personal tool kit, pump (although our staff sweeps routes for mechanicals), or quick-mount computers.
Can US citizens travel to Cuba?          Top of Page
Answer: Cuba welcomes U.S. tourists and as a courtesy, will stamp your tourist card rather than your passport. Please read our U.S. Participants page. Although Cuba will welcome you, it’s not currently legal under OFAC guidelines to travel to Cuba as part of a bicycle tour. You can read more on the subject here.
Do I have to fly from Canada?          Top of Page
Answer: No, you don't have to depart from Canada, you can purchase a Land Only package. It will then be up to you to coordinate joining and departing our tour according to the schedule. We can provide flights from Canada and various Caribbean locations with Canadian charter/scheduled or Cubana Airlines and assistance with other flights as well.
Which tour is most suitable for me?          Top of Page
Answer: This is maybe the hardest question to answer. Each tour has its own character and highlights. Don't hesitate to call or e-mail with your personal holiday interests/goals so we can best meet your requirements.
Can I extend my holiday in Cuba?         Top of Page
Answer: We offer extensions to all our programs. A tourist visa for Canadians is good for 90 days and can be easily extended locally for an additional 90 days. For most other nationalities the visa is good for 30 days with an option to purchase one additional month locally.
Are your tours appropriate for children?          Top of Page
Answer: Our PEI cycle tours are more suitable for young children than our Cuba cycling programs. In Cuba, we recommend that children be at least in their teens as the cycling tends to be more challenging. The Cuba program can be culturally educational and enriching for youth 13 and over.
How much money should I bring? What's included?          Top of Page
Answer: Basically, we include everything except alcohol for you and gratuities for tour staff in our bicycle tour prices. There are options such as massage ($10-$15), private restaurants ($15-$20), local attractions ($3-$5), theatre ($10) and more all along the way. Transportation to some of these events or activities is additional. You also need to save $25 for your departure tax.
Credit cards or travelers cheques issued by US banks are not valid in Cuba. Regardless of nationality, passengers should not hope to use debit cards or bank cards in the country. So, as a general guideline we recommend that you bring a minimum of $300 CUC per person, per week and more if you'd like to have emergency funds on hand. For a fee, we offer emergency cash advance service to an of our tour participants not able to use their credit cards for purchases/cash advances in Cuba. Safety deposit boxes are available - and should be used - for a small charge at the properties we visit.
Please visit our Currency Regulations and Exchange Rates page for the latest information.
What are the accommodations like?          Top of Page
Answer: We contract with various Cuban tourism agencies offering a wide variety of hotels in city, beachfront and natural settings. They are generally 3 to 4 star, clean, comfortable and occasionally quite upscale where available. Many offer twin single beds, and double or queen size beds are generally the exception, not the rule.
How's the food?          Top of Page
Answer: Food is simple, but good. However,be forewarned that people don't go to Cuba for the food! Staples include black beans & rice, fish, chicken and pork. We usually arrange at least one visit to a private Cuban restaurant (paladar). Variety and often ambience tend to be greater in private restaurants than in the state-run operations.
Is the food suitable for vegans?          Top of Page
Answer: Most Cuban food contains meat, fish, eggs, milk and cheese. Even food normally suitable for vegans, such as rice and bean dishes, are often cooked with pork fat. As well, soy products regularly consumed by Cubans are often not readily available at tourist hotels and restaurants. Therefore, we recommend bringing protein supplements such as "instant breakfast" etc.
What's the profile of your average participant?          Top of Page
Answer: Our typical participant is 55 years old, professional, adventurous, well-travelled and divided between men and women.
How early should I book?          Top of Page
Answer: The simple answer is "as soon as possible". Cuba is a popular winter destination and flights to Cuba are often near or at full capacity. The very first thing we do upon receiving your registration form for a confirmed tour and confirming your spot on the tour is book your Cuba flight if not already reserved. Only occasionally are last minute seats available, most fill up weeks in advance. At two to four weeks prior to tour start (depending on the season), all unassigned rooms are released. For paid participants, all tour dates are guaranteed to depart, but groups of 1-4 travelers may only be accompanied by our tour leader rather than also by a Cuban driver and guide. The more lead time you can provide us, the more likely a group is to form for your selected travel date.


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Select other Services to contract before or after the Tour:
Pre/post tour Hotel Collective or Private Airport Transfers
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Please Quote with any of the following that apply:
Alumni Discount (I have participated in a past WoWCuba/MacQueen's cycle tour in Cuba)
Early Booking Bonus (available to the first 4 cyclists to book any or our published tour dates)
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It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best, since you have to sweat up the hills and coast down them. Thus you remember them as they actually are, while in a motor car only a high hill impresses you, and you have no such accurate remembrance of a country you have driven through as you gain by riding a bicycle.
Ernest Hemingway

Vuelta Cuba Bicycle Tour